International tour guide club was established in 2013 and forerunner of BEIBAOGO,  to assist club members have  a platform to collaborate with travel agencies and to provide  information about Vietnam and Southeast Asian countries for  travellers . 2015 formally established: "BEIBAOGO"

BEIBAOGO is as mean: "backpacking tourists" .  " backpacking tourists  " is concepted: "to give VIP family enjoy the best service.". The satisfied customers as a professional standard for the service. Our team are young peoples who  have  degree of professional tourism knowledge, proficiency in professional foreign language and experience.

BEIBAOGO is as an platform to help you find a professional guide anywhere  and any time in Vietnam or  suitable your interpreters. Reality, Vietnam is our focus of the market, our guests are from China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, India and so on businessmen, families ... to travel in Vietnam , business trip, market researching ..


Providing solutions for backpacking tourists in anytime and anywhere. 2020s leading the provision of backpacking tourists solutions in the Vietnamese market.

Create a smooth environment for foreign language students and peoples who have passion in tour guide to gain experiences and improve the ability to communicate with foreigners.

Network of intepreters, tour guides who have experiences, proficent languages whole Vietnam .